Augment your IT team

We bridge US clients with expert engineers from Eastern Europe.  

Hire remote engineers that provide high quality work as if they were in your office.

A passion for creating software

We work with all leading tech stacks






React Native



What you get working with us

 Staff augmentation in Eastern Europe is one of the ways to get tech professionals on board.

Broad Talent Pool

European Candidates are abundant and widely available while diverse in their skill sets.


European Tech talent is as much as 20-40% less expensive than comparable talent in the US.

Similar Work Ethics

You’ll quickly get along with your team thanks to a Western-like work mindset, the same project management approaches, and high delivery standards. 

Onboarding simplified

We find, hire, and equip talent from countries in Eastern Europe who are ready to start delivering value in no time. You only get charged if you onboard a dev.

Flexibility and scalability

We enable you to expand your team on demand, finding specialized talent for each project.

English proficiency

All developers have diverse experience working with US and Western European companies and top E. European outsourcing agencies. They also use English as their primary working language.

Our requirements and clients we are working with

 Staff augmentation in Eastern Europe is one of the ways to get tech professionals on board.

Only medium and long-term partnership

Our team work with 6+ months projects. 9-12 months partnership works best for us and our partners.

We provide only our own staff

We augment your team only with our own team members (no subcontractors from our end).

Mutual respect

We do what we say and expect the same from our clients. We believe in win – win.

Our company specifics

To provide seamless experience for our customers we have LLC in Delaware, and our RD center – in Eastern Europe. That’s why we want to share with you more detailed information about us and our company values, so you can learn more about your new team members.

Our focus is on essence

  • Most likely you will not find managers who speak American English without an accent. We are Europeans.
  • We cannot be in touch during all your working hours. Usually we can have common time till your noon only (for daily calls, sprint reviews, etc).
  • Our guys cannot smile a lot. We do not smile when it’s just OK, we smile when we are really happy.

“ITSkyCrew has saved us hundreds of hours of work and has unlocked insights we never thought possible.”

Dmitry G.

CEO, Greeny

“ITSkyCrew helped me to get done what I was thinking of for quit a long time actually:)”

Alex T.

Founder of Mr Price